Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Standard Introductory Entry

So, okay, here's the deal:

I've been a practicing Buddhist for lo these past 11 years. Yeah, I sometimes stop going to meetings, and my studying also wavers, but I've been chanting ever since I began. This, most emphatically, does not make me an expert by any means.

But what is blogging, if not a forum for general louts like myself to post their semi-informed rantings and writings to the world at large?

And so, my writings for this blog are going to be based on the things I've learned, read and experienced during my tenure as a practicing Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist (SGI division). I am not interested in flame wars. Intelligent discourse, maybe, but I'm not really interested in getting into a "your buddhism is no match for mine" type of pissing match. (By the way, the water is deep, too.)

Make no mistake, this won't be no namby-pamby, sit in the corner and go "ohm" type of Buddhist bullshit...

Perhaps an origin story might be useful:

Blahblah mommy egg and daddy sperm, blahblah raised Catholic, blahblah became a Buddhist, blahblah.

Now, during the course of practicing, I've noticed these huge echoes between the things I was reading (Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, amongst others), and the world at large. As I became more aware of the echoes, the more I wanted to tell the world.

And there was my problem: Where do I start? I can't do so on most public forums, because, let's face it, who wants to hear "if Bush keeps this up, there will be a ton of shit falling on our heads later on*" from anyone? Let alone from someone saying that with a religious bent.

Therefore, my desire to say something diminished, even if my need didn't.

Somehow, it almost took me a full year of blogging, before using this forum dawned on me. It took a hurricane nearly destroying a major US city and its ensuing chaos for me to realize it. More on this later.

Better late than never, I suppose.

*As I was wont to do to the poor gals on the Meese list.

7/25/06 Addendum:

Just shy of a year later, and, while I'm fully committed to keeping this blog up, the fact of the matter is, coming up with things to say, with research, and yadda and bladda...It was hard to do it by myself. So, heeding the words of Paul McCartney, I decided to try with a little help from my friends.

While the roster will probably grow and change in the months ahead, what won't change is what, I hope, makes this blog different from other religioblogs: Candid, from the heart entries, filled with snark, wisdom, and bravery; as well as research. Unafraid to engage in discourse, but not putting up with bullshit. Oh, and cussing allowed.--TBO