Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Just shy of a year later, and, while I'm fully committed to keeping this blog up, the fact of the matter is, coming up with things to say, with research, and yadda and bladda...It's hard to do by myself. So, heeding the words of Paul McCartney, I decided to try with a little help from my friends.

So, please extend a warm welcome to Stine and Lyam White, two friends of mine who have seen a lot with me. Stine's very much a from-the-hip type, up front and honest; she's a massage therapist by day, and fosters a science bent, especially when it comes to NS Buddhism. Ly's on the more exploratory bent, with a light focus on Western dialectics and philosophers. Both are recent adherents to this Buddhism...

While the roster will probably grow and change in the months ahead, what won't change is what, I hope, makes this blog different from most other religioblogs: Candid, from the heart entries, filled with snark, wisdom, and bravery; as well as research. Unafraid to engage in discourse, but not putting up with bullshit. Oh, and cussing allowed.--TBO


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