Thursday, April 12, 2007


All right, how long has it been, really?

Yeah, too long. Way too long.

But, you know how that is, right? It's not that you care any less about the forum, or the format, or the topic being discussed, it's just that the rest of your reality starts demanding your attention, and what you'd thought would only be a couple of days away from the project turns into...well, months, in this instance.

Oh well. I noted some visitors to the site during the hiatus, thanks for coming. Hopefully you'll come out this way again. And feel free to drop a line of interest...thebeigeone(at)

That said, I wanna open up the gates to anyone who'd like to see their SGI-Buddhist-related stuff posted on here, contact me at the address given above.

Currently, I'm looking to post (whether by me, or someone else) entries with the following themes:

*On Benefit
*The Three Powerful Enemies
*The Three Obstacles & The Four Devils

Hopefully, I will be seeing/hearing from you soon.



Blogger Stine said...

I'll think up something on karma. I've been thinking since our discussion at the meeting. Very interesting. I want to talk more about car accidents.


5:34 PM  

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